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Denver Pavilions Lands Another National Women's Clothing Merchant, Francesca's.



On the heels of the brand-new Victoria's Secret opening, Denver Pavilions builds upon its merchant mix by including the much-sought-after Francesca's, a specialized merchant that operates a growing nationwide chain of stores that offer consumers an enjoyable, personalized shopping experience


With 600+ popular stores throughout the country, Francesca's will attract fashion-forward buyers with its relaxing, store setting and diverse mix of gowns, bags, shoes, accessories, playful presents and home decor, all at cost effective prices.


The store will get new items every day and in limited quantities to guarantee that buyers have a shop shopping experience complete with a custom-curated collection, handpicked by expert stylists.


The new 1,200-square-foot store will be found on level 2 beside the anxiously awaited first-in-market Uniqlo store, which will be opening this fall. Francesca's will likewise be found near the just recently broadened Victoria's Secret and Victoria's Secret PINK stores.


Concerning the recent flurry of leasing activity, Mark Sidell, President of Gart Properties, says, "The addition of Francesca's is another example of a best-in-class national retailer choosing Downtown Denver and Denver Pavilions in specific.


The upcoming opening of Uniqlo, recent expansion of Victoria's Secret and the addition of Home department on level 3 of H&M, Denver Pavilions has caught the interest of leasing major retailers seeking prime-locations in Denver's flourishing market.".


Francesca's is slated to open at Denver Pavilions on August 27, 2016, not long prior to Labor Day weekend. The first 100 visitors will get a totally free gift and may enter for a chance to win a gift card.




Denver Pavilions is a distinctive retail, dining and home entertainment center in the heart of downtown Denver, providing a critical mass of over 40 retail tenants, dining establishments and home entertainment places. Found on the 16th Street Mall,


Denver's # 1 tourist destination, the al fresco shopping center includes three-story buildings on a two-block development connected by "The Great Wall," an outside structure featuring the word "DENVER" that has actually ended up being the around the world sign of downtown Denver.


Denver Pavilions is a leading location for the urban area with such marquee occupants as the first-in-market Uniqlo opening in 2016, advanced video gaming center and gastro bar for The Win (FTW), H&M's flagship store featuring among just 5 H&M Home departments in the U.S., a newly renovated 15-screen United Artists Theatre with reclining chair seating and an in-theater bar plus a newly redesigned Victoria's Secret, Victoria's Secret PINK and Bath & Body Works.


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