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Revealing clothes ups chance of getting task



The majority of us agonize over ensuring our CV is up to scratch when we apply for a job.


For some women, however, it seems that the answer to protecting an interview may be as basic as using a low-cut dress.

Research suggests that women whose application consisted of a photo of themselves in exposing clothes were 19 times most likely to be welcomed in for an in person meeting.


The findings will today exist at a conference on body image in London.

The research study was carried out in Paris and analyzed the opportunities of earning a job interview for sales and accounting positions.


It was carried out by DrSevagKertechian, a researcher at Paris-Sorbonne University, who wanted to discover exactly what effect clothing could have on the recruitment procedure.


It used 2 comparable looking French women with near identical experience on their CVs.




Dundee woman s large size clothing campaign



A Dundee woman has introduced a project to motivate more outlet store to offer clothes for large size women.


Jody Mckenzie took matters into her own hands after becoming frustrated at the absence of high street stores offering size 16 clothes and above.


Instead of sit idly and grumble, Jody has actually introduced an online petition in an attempt to drum up support for her cause


The petition has actually not gone viral as of yet, Jody hopes her efforts result in more shops equipping clothes for plus size women.


She stated: There are currently numerous cities that do not have a large size store to cater for all sizes and shapes, consisting of Dundee.



Denver Pavilions Lands Another National Women's Clothing Merchant, Francesca's.



On the heels of the brand-new Victoria's Secret opening, Denver Pavilions builds upon its merchant mix by including the much-sought-after Francesca's, a specialized merchant that operates a growing nationwide chain of stores that offer consumers an enjoyable, personalized shopping experience.


With 600+ popular stores throughout the country, Francesca's will attract fashion-forward buyers with its relaxing, store setting and diverse mix of gowns, bags, shoes, accessories, playful presents and home decor, all at cost effective prices.


The store will get new items every day and in limited quantities to guarantee that buyers have a shop shopping experience complete with a custom-curated collection, handpicked by expert stylists.





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